Back to School Pricing 2023

Back to School Pricing 2023

A reminder that the Back-to-School pricing specials ends on 31 January 2023.  We have already received price increase schedules from all of our distributers effective 01 February 2023.

It effectively means that the discounts for the BTS season falls away which was between 15% and 30% on the various school stationery, plus an estimated 10% increase in pricing for 2023.  A major impact on stationery pricing last year and this year remains the global shortage of pulp which is use to produce paper related products and packaging and the continuing increase in transport costs.

Arena will continue to keep our pricing the same for as long as we have current stock, but as soon as we have to acquire new stock we will have to amend pricing accordingly.

Our best wishes for the 2023 school year to all of you who supported us as loyal returning and new customers.  We look forward to assisting you again during the year, and at the start of the new BTS season.  Remember to engage your school to sign up in order to save more.




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