Business to Business Supply

Alert us of your regular office requirements. We will then (1) list your requirements, and (2) keep a minimum stock level to support your office. Simply Register your business for the regular supply program and receive it at a discounted price. Then Place your order and we will have it ready within a day for delivery, or let us schedule weekly or monthly deliveries with your regular supplies.

Business Supply Process

Step 1 – Registration Benefits.

  • Register your business with us, and we will engage with your team to ensure we understand your requirements, and to advise on all your stationery and office supply needs.
  • We encourage pre-registration on our official template in order to eliminate unscrupulous operators, masking as legitimate businesses.
  • We will also establish potential ordering patterns, being weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • Of course, adhoc requirements will always be available for those urgent needs.
  • Businesses or clients opting not to register, may purchase directly from the online store, and handled as cash accounts.
  • Registered Businesses qualify for our B2B Discount Structure.
  • This option is not available for 3rd Party RFQ / Tender pricing.

Register Now

Step 2 – Stock Management.

  • Once we know more, of supplies you intend to use, we will ensure that we keep a minimum stock level of your required items in order to be most responsive when orders are placed.

Step 3 – Ordering.

  • Place your order of regular items, or place order for adhoc office requirements either online, via email, telephone or WhatsApp.
  • You will immediately receive an order / proforma.

Step 4 – Payment Arrangements.

  • Our initial arrangement for new clients will be on a cash bases, via Proforma and EFT or Online Payments for at least the first 3 orders.
  • Thereafter we will consider an invoice-based payment arrangement. Again, this measure is necessary in order to eliminate unscrupulous operators.

Step 5 – Order Processing.

  • We will process the order within 24hrs for regularly stocked items.
  • Adhoc items which need to be sourced from suppliers may take up to 36hrs depending on stock availability. We will throughout engage with your representative.
  • Invoices are processed and stock will be ready for release depending on the agreed payment arrangements.

Step 6 – Delivery Arrangements.

  • Delivery will take place as arranged.
  • We can also set up weekly or monthly delivery cycles should you elect a cycled ordering plan.

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